:: Story ::

in a galaxy far far away...

Halo: *changes channel* sorry... *jabs at exie*
Exie: OW! *kicks*
Snickers: *ducks* Yeek!
Halo: she liiiiives!
Exie: :P
Snickers: *tongue yank* we need a blurb for the story page!
Exie: I know!
Halo: but what to say without giving it all away?
Snickers: Okaaay...so we need to make it sufficiently vague...
Halo: lol, stuff happens...in a place...there are people...and bad guys. the end
Snickers: Yes! She's got it!
Halo: with magic. and zombies (well, maybe not zombies, but all good stories have zombies)
Snickers: Y'know, I seriously do like that summary...
Exie: *laughing* Me too, actually...
Snickers: We should put it there!
Exie: Let's put that up for now!
Snickers: ...dude, we ought to just copy-paste this conversation as the story.

This concludes the "Story" portion of this website. Have a nice day.

(and there will be zombies)

Snickers: the zombies sell it!
Exie: lol "and if you read it we'll send you a doughnut"
Snickers: A zombie doughnut, perhaps?
Exie: no, just a doughnut. with sprinkles

Halo: ...okay seriously...


What's REALLY going on...

Reality isn't as stable as people like to think. It's full of holes, patched, and fraying, and sometimes things slip through. It seems that this world attracts assorted nasties from other realms, on a disturbingly regular basis.

Enter the Guardians, uber-Mages burdened with the task of tracking down said nasties, catching or disposing of them, and all of this without attracting the attention of mundane folks. This is no easy feat, especially since Guardians tend to be young, stupid, and much too powerful for their own (or anyone else's) good.

Like, for instance, Kasashi Syntan and Linette St. Paul...

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