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Alias: Snickers (Snicks)

:: *points to Snicks* Artist! *points to self (Exie)* Non artist! I would hope that you could realize that by now and know that Snicks alone carries the weight of the art in this comic. She's talented, a kick ass person, and has enough patience to put up with me ^_^ And don't piss her off, she weilds a big mallet. And Lynn is responsible for Kas' corruption ^^;

"The pen is mightier than the sword...and considerably easier to write with."
~Marty Feldman

e-mail: snickschan@yahoo.com
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pitas.com blog: Facets

Alias: Exie (Ex)

:: FaF is the brainchild of insanity. The "insane" part comes from this half. Exie has helped conceive this whole thing, and continues to serve as a source of inspiration (and at the same time, a public warning) to all ^_^ and we love her for it.

"If you can't be a good example to others, you'll simply have to settle for being a horrible horrible warning."

e-mail: bane_of_muses@yahoo.com
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Alias: Halo

:: Halo is the webmistress. What, you thought Ex or Snicks pulled this stuff off? Hell no! Fear her constant tweaking as she searches for a way to make the profile page work ~_^ She's also a kickass artist herself, as can be seen by the sketches on this info page, and at the link to her website below.

"One french fry short of a Happy Meal."

e-mail: halofire5@yahoo.com
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